Robin Rapport, President

Robin Rapport is a professional writer who specializes in Instructional Design with undergraduate and advanced degrees in Cultural/Social Anthropology and Media Ecology/Communications. This background gives her a cultural, high-level perspective of the needs and sociological challenges of fostered children who age-out of the system.

In addition, her cross-cultural expertise has enriched her charitable and professional work helping others. For example, Rapport has written extensively on the healthcare system and cultural disparities. She has helped universities, pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, government, neighborhood organizations, and religious groups improve sensitivities and account for diversity.

Her charitable work includes serving children and adults alike, and encompasses over a decade of volunteering as a Girl Scout Leader, a Boy Scout Advancement Advisor, and various positions (including President) of her Temple’s Sisterhood and her local Neighborhood Association. In addition, Rapport serves on the Trenton Youth Investment Advisory Board and will bring much to Age-Out Angels.

Holly Goldberg, Vice President

Holly L. Goldberg, RN is a school nurse presently working in a private school setting in Princeton, NJ. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Duke University, later continuing her education with a JD from Cardozo School of Law. Having practiced in the legal fields of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, Goldberg saw firsthand what financial insecurity can do to families and children.

After a short stint staying home to focus on her own children, Goldberg returned to her first career - that of caring for people directly as a nurse. Working with children of all ages, nursery school through 12th grade, she has worked at private and public schools, as well as sleepaway camp.

Her charitable work includes participating as a Temple Board Member and a decade of volunteering as Girl Scout Leader. She was a founding Board Member of Attitudes In Reverse, an organization dedicated to decreasing the stigma of mental illness, and decreasing the occurrence of teen suicide. The populations she has served have ranged from the very rich to the very needy. This work has given her a unique understanding of both the physical and psychological needs of the developing child, and will bring great insight to the Age-Out Angels program.

Greg Rapport, Executive Director

Greg Rapport is the visionary behind Age-Out Angels, an organization dedicated to improving the plight of foster children in America. He comes to the project after 45 years of business experience in a number of industries including retail, manufacturing, and publishing. Rapport is known for excellence in communications and business development. At each stop in his professional career he increased sales and expanded business development, frequently setting records. Plus, he substantially increased membership and awareness of several local and national non-profit organizations. Regardless of the industry or project, Rapport brings creativity, enthusiasm, and action to every endeavor.

This is especially evident in his work in his community, where he has been an active leader, fundraiser, spokesman, and advocate. For example, as Chairman of Boy Scout Troop 33 (West Trenton, NJ), Rapport presided over increasing scout enrollment in the area. He is similarly credited with revitalizing the Men’s Club at his Temple by serving as its President since 2012 and as a member of the Executive Board of Trustees. Additionally, Rapport is a member of the Trenton Youth Investment Council Advisory Board, an elected member of the Order of the Arrow (Scouts' National Honor Society), and an active member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks (Trenton Lodge #105). Through the Elks, he is involved in helping children with special needs, veterans, and children everywhere, while serving as chair of their Government Relations committee.

Rapport brings expertise in business, communications, event planning, and resource development to Age-Out Angels. Using these skills, he plans to serve the age-out community and bring the challenges of age-outs into the national forefront, through an organization funded to serve age-outs and produce results over the long term.